In Settings Section you can get app information (e.g. instance name and Git URL), manage environment variables (config vars), unlock and delete app.

The environment variables (or config vars) are credentials for external services that are used in your applications. For safety it’s better to keep keys out of the source code, that is why we use the environment variables. Unless you have to change their values, you need to set them once after the first deploy. Across deploys and restarts these values will remain constant. Note, that whenever you set or remove a config var, your app will be restarted.

Unlock App action terminates all blocking commands and operations. We do not recommend using this function, but if there are no options and situation is critical, be extremely careful.

Delete App action deletes app permanently, leaving no opportunity to retrieve it. Please think at least 5 times before doing it.

Settings Top

App information and environmental variables

Settings Bottom

Unlock and Delete app