CLI Toolbelt

The dokkur command-line tool is an interface to the Dokkur Platform and includes support for all the interactive commands like logs, run, attach, etc.

Current version:    0.1.1b

Download & install

For [x86_64] Linux / MacOS users:

curl -sS | bash


For update use the similar algothitm as for install. Run dokkur version to get your current version.


dokkur version

prints your current version of the toolbelt

dokkur help

shows the help - list of all the available commands

dokkur login

makes the authentication and authorization in the Dokkur

dokkur logout

clears Dokkur authentication

dokkur apps

shows all of your apps

dokkur run appname command

runs a command in the context of application (spawns new container)

dokkur logs [-t] appname 

shows app's logs, -t follows

dokkur nginx:access-logs [-t] appname 

shows nginx app's access logs, -t follows

dokkur nginx:error-logs [-t] appname 

shows nginx app's error logs, -t follows

dokkur db appname

shows list of databases for application

dokkur db:connect appname dbname

connects to a specified database

dokkur db:import appname dbname < file

imports a dump into the db's service database

dokkur db:export appname dbname > file

exports a dump of the db's service database

dokkur db:logs [-t] appname dbname

shows db's logs, -t follows