Domains & SSL

General information

In Dokkur you will work with different kinds of domains, you can learn about it here.

As well as a free domain, users are provided with SSL certificate for it. If you don’t use this free Dokkur domain name and want to use a custom one, you can add your own SSL certificate for the custom domain name. Note that in this case another SSL certificate will be disabled. Therefore, mind that we can’t let you use more than one SSL certificate as yet.

How to add domains and SSL to my app on Dokkur

If you don’t want to use Dokkur Domain, follow these steps:

Step 1. Confirm that you have a domain name and you own it. If you don’t, buy it with any domain register service you want.

Step 2. Open Domain Section in Dokkur website, click on ⨁ button and paste your custom domain name.

Step 3. Go to your domain register service account and observe if it allows you their own DNSs. If it does, go to Step 4. If it doesn't, we recommend you using CloudFlare. In CloudFlare you need to do everything described in Step 4.

Step 4. In CNAME field add the Dokkur Domain of your app * to @ key (root) and www (subdomain) key. If the service doesn't allow you to set the @ (root) key, change CNAME to A and set not Dokkur Domain, but IP address. To detect the IP address, open Terminal or Console and enter ping *