Persistent Storage

General information

The containerization involves code delivery with the help of git. Your source code is a basis that helps to build docker image, from which the containers are executed. Each running web server process or bash through CLI are containers. In this connection, all changes in file system inside the container will be lost across the first restart or rebuild. In this situation the best flow is to store all files in external storages, such as S3.

The Dokkur platform gives you an opportunity to make any folder in your app permanent. Thereby, all changes (saved files) in this folder will be accessible forever. On lower level there will be created a folder in host-system that is determined as volume in container. You need to point out the folder inside your app. The folder in host-system is created automatically for security reasons.

How to add storage to my app

Suppose, that you want to make the folder /public permanent. You need to go to Storage section, click on ⨁ button and enter the full path to your folder, e.g. /app/public. All your app’s sources are inside the container in /app folder.

Persistent Storage

Persistent storage

Add folder to storage

Add path to persistent storage

Once created the folder, you can use FTP to access it from outside.