Corporate offer integration for CMS, ERP, CRM, LMS

Corporate offer

If you have your own system and the number of your clients grows constantly, you need to be ready for continuous scaling. If your app is overloaded and you still need to create users' copies by hand, and you also have a group of developers to do routine work, you are in a critical condition. We give you an opportunity to increase efficiency of your technical department by using our tool for horizontal and vertical scaling.

We take:

  • Your pain in the head for packing the software to an image.
  • Updates delivery to installed copies of your software.
  • Responsibility to your clients for your software accessibility (in case of using our servers).

You get:

  • Access to an account, where you can instantly run your software copies.
  • Ability to monitor the status of your clients’ apps.
  • The tool for vertical scaling of your apps. You can manage the kit of ready-to-go presets that limits CPU, RAM using (useful, if you have different payment plans).


The example of automatization SiberianCMS.
Complete setup of 1 copy takes 2 minutes.
Used components: PHP, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, File Storage.

In some cases it’s possible to use your own hardware. It relieves our responsibility for uptime.

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