Dokkur Terms of ServiceLast modified: Jun 12, 2016

1. Your Agreement with Dokkur

1.1. This Agreement (the “Terms”) in accordance with Art. 435 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is a public offer. This Terms govern the procedure for providing computing resources "Dokkur", Ltd. (the “Dokkur”), that is registered at Office 350, 16a Derzhavinskaya St., Tambov, 392000, Russia, to the user (the “User”) registered on site.

1.2. The “Dokkur Services” means the services provided as PaaS (Product as a Service), including this website, the Dokkur console program and Dokkur mobile app.

2. User’s Data and Content

2.1. Dokkur is not responsible for User’s content and data, but reserves the right to block User’s Account, remove User’s apps and servers in case of having data and content that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, including the copyright laws.

2.2. All Users are provided with free third-level domain name * and SSL sertificate for it. The User reserves the right not to use this domain name.

3. Tariffs and Fees Terms

3.1. Current information about tariffs is shown on the page

3.2. All tariffing while using Dokkur Services is in USD currency, but payments are in Russian Rubles. Its key in the all-Russian classifier of currencies (as well as ISO 4217) - 840.

3.3. In case of changes in tariffs Dokkur must notify all Users by email 30 (thirty) days before these changes take effect.

3.4. The general scheme of fees calculations takes place on postpaid basis.

3.5. Tariffing occurs hourly. Based on the tariff plan, the fee is calculated as for 1 (one) hour of using Dokkur Services.

3.6. The funds withdrawal for the use Dokkur Services is determined by the current system load and is not later than 60 (sixty) minutes after the change of the current tariff plan or start using services.

3.7. Tariffing takes place around the clock, whether the User’s apps and application servers are running or stopped.

3.8. Hourly changes in the User’s balance are reflected with a maximum delay of 60 (sixty) minutes.

3.9. The information about the User’s current balance is shown on the account page

3.10. The User has the right to make one-time payment in the amount specified on the page section “One-time payment”.

3.11. User’s balance user can be either positive or negative. Negative balance means the debt to Dokkur. Positive balance means deposit funds.

3.12. Positive balance may be used only to pay for Dokkur Services and can’t be refunded except in cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.13. The User is obliged to pay the debt, not later than 10 (days) days (hereinafter - the payment period) after a claim for payment is issued. The threshold amount for the obligatory payment is 1 (one) USD (hereinafter - the threshold amount). The claim for payment is exposed 1 time per month in case if the total amount of debt does not exceed the threshold amount. In case of reaching the threshold amount, a request for payment will be put on the fact of exceeding the threshold amount and it should be paid within the payment period.

3.14. The payment requirement is met in case of a User pays an amount equal to or greater than the amount specified in the requirement. As a payment instrument full repayment of the debt (p.3.13) or making an one-time payment (p.3.10) can be used. If the amount of payment exceeds any of the possible options of one-time payments, it is allowed to make multiple payments.

3.15. Threshold amount and the payment period can be calculated individually for each User depending on the needs. All financial issues must be solved through correspondence with Dokkur administration (official email [email protected]).

3.16. In case of User’s payment default, as well as any other terms of this agreement, Dokkur reserves the right to block a User Account.

3.17. The user has the right at any time to abandon the use of paid services if they have been ordered and paid, and to demand the return of funds in the personal account of the User. For the return of funds in the personal account, user needs to send the request to the email address [email protected]. The original application must be sent by mail to the address: Office 350, 16a Derzhavinskaya St., Tambov, 392000, Russia. Return of funds is made to the User’s billing account specified in the application within 30 (thirty) business days from the date of receiving of the original "Application for refund”. When transferring the funds to the account with a credit card, a refund is made on the card with which payment was made.

4. User Account

4.1. In case the User Account is blocked, the User receives a notification by email specified in User Account information.

4.2. In case the reasons of blocking are not eliminated within 30 (thirty) days, user applications and servers may be removed.

5. Responsibility for Violation of the Terms

5.1. To clarify the circumstances of violations of the Terms, Dokkur reserves the right to request clarification from the user (via email) on the controversial moments. In case of failure to respond within 5 (five) calendar days from the date of the request, the controversial moments is not considered in the interests of the User.

6. Providers and Data Centers

6.1. Dokkur does not have its own data centers and computing resources of partner companies are used to provide of services. Dokkur reserves the right not to disclose their providers, with the exception of the cases stipulated for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

7. Feedback Procedure

7.1. All kinds of technical support and feedback information are provided on the page

8. Changes to the Terms

8.1. Dokkur has the right to change the terms of the Agreement from time to time. Immediately after the changes the User has 7 (seven) days to get acquainted with the new rules, after which the user has the right to accept or not accept the new conditions.

8.2. User understands that use of Dokkur Services means acceptance of conditions, reflected in the final version of the Terms. User has the right not to accept the new conditions by terminating his User Account.

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